Food with a Story


Congratulations to our LOCAL ARTISAN  team who put together a wonderful display of cuisine for this catering showcase.  


Catering clients enjoyed a variety of delicious bites of entrees, savories, appetizers, sushi and desserts.  


The menu was built around both the seasons and what customers had been requesting.  

Catering Showcase Events are such a great way for our customers and clients to see what’s new and get a vision and taste of the new menu.


We heard many guests say that they would not have thought to order certain items until they saw and tasted it in person- Yeah!  


Each went home with handcrafted French macaroons and a beautifully laid out seasonal menu for reference.  A big success!



"When you’ve just hauled in from photographing a fossil find in Zambia, a burger and fries won’t cut it.


Luckily, the National Geographic canteen’s vendor, Sodexo, serves authentic enthnic specialties, often tapping staffer’s home cooking. Sustainable touches, such as basil picked on the roof garden and locally grown produce, ensure that the food aligns with the Geographic’s mission.


Global cuisine also fits an

adventure journalist’s budget."


This article appears in the

MARCH 2016 issue of Washingtonian.